The Company

Maitreya Capital addresses the financing need of under served Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) in the country.  Despite being the backbone of the Indian economy, the MSME segment have remained largely short of the financial resources whenever they need to scale up in terms of business growth, technology, customer base or any such requirement to grow their business.  Maitreya Capital through its financial products and services is well poised to contribute to this sector’s well being and growth.

Maitreya Capital is a Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) set up to service the credit needs of urban/Semi-Urban MSMEs.  Maitreya strives to :

  • Serve the needs of Urban/Semi-Urban enterprises by offering suitable financial product
  • Adapt transparent, convenient and customer-value driven approach in  product design and delivery
  • Use technology and well-defined and simple processes to deliver great customer service and expansion